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Why CPA Connected?

CPA Connected is a cloud based Chartered Professional Accounting firm connecting with clients across Canada to simplify & streamline accounting with technology.

CPA Connected Advantage

Learn why we make such a versatile, well rounded, professional partner for your business.

Forward Thinking

Cloud accounting allows us to automate & streamline your financial data within our secure mobile cloud software. We use the best online apps to calibrate your business into the digital age. The result is real time insight providing actionable intelligence on the progress of your business.

CPA Designated

We are a Chartered Professional Accounting firm, complying to the highest professional standards in the industry. Our experience is the engine to streamline & adapt traditional bookkeeping & accounting into the reality of today’s business world. All of your financial solutions Connected with one CPA firm.

Long-Term Focus

Legacy is our obsession & we disproportionately focus on cost certainty & long-term consistent profit. With the cloud as our office, we pass on those savings directly to you. Our flat monthly pricing delivers the greatest value ensuring your business is able to grow & scale with consistent profits for the long-term.

Our Tools

CPA Connected integrates a variety of technologies to automate & streamline your business.

CPA Connected Feedback

What our partners are saying about CPA Connected.

“CPA Connected invested time up front to understand our business processes, workflow & reporting requirements. After the discovery phase they automated our point of sale, receivable, payable & payroll systems to sync into one integrated platform. 
At our monthly review meetings we discuss actual vs budget financial results & how it impacts our decision making both short & long term. Understanding the impact of customer & product behaviour on the top & bottom line profit is crucial to our long term strategy.  Reviewing real time results every month allows us to quickly adjust & make decisions that make sense.
Having one firm manage the entire financial function has provided more time to focus on growing the business & gives us peace of mind  & confidence to know that we are professionally managed.   
Thank you CPA Connected!”

Nadia Duchene
A&W – Owner / Operator

Profit Matters

With the cloud as our office, we pass those savings onto you.

Cost Certainty

Our unique business model allows us to partner a Chartered Professional Accountant with your business for a flat monthly investment. The result, a long-term CPA connection to educate & maximize long-term profits for your business.


Our Chartered Professional Accounting Firm specializes in cloud accounting for franchisee/franchisor & government regulated businesses. Our S&M business partners require trusted, timely & transparent details to be provided for users of their financial information. Our CPA firm has connected with the following S&M businesses.

Food Franchises


ALGC Liquor Stores


Landscaping & Construction




Oilfield Services


Property Management

Real Estate


Retail Products