CPA Connected Process


Share Your Goals & Business Strategy You’ll have a call or video with a CPA manager to discuss specifics around your business including objectives & business size / nature. We’ll get into a high level discussion of your accounting systems such as invoicing, suppliers & payroll to ensure we address all the tax compliance needs. Our next step is to meet in person to communicate our combined strategy & agree on specifics.


Demonstrate In Person We’ll get to know each other & walk through the specifics of how we will integrate our system processes to provide automated bookkeeping & real time financial reporting along with other cool discussions. We will show you exactly what to expect on a monthly basis & ensure we have a commitment to long term success.


Agree On Expectations Your CPA manager will walk you through the detailed engagement terms & address all important aspects of what you need to expect. We sync our cloud accounting software to your banking & begin the connection to reframe how your business will execute with bookkeeping, accounting & financial reporting.


Work & Execute Our CPA network is now your CPA Connection. We put in the work to provide financial solutions that provide real time information to make informed business decisions to secure long term profit & free up your time to focus on the bigger picture.

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