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Support Local Long Term Mental & Physical Education for our Youth

CPA CONNECT donates our time and fund raising efforts to local charities, programs and causes throughout the Canadian city’s we are connected to. Our selection criteria for targeted charities, programs, and causes involve a discuss and analysis on our #1 objective, which is to enable and advance mental and physical education for the youth with a long term impact. Then, we connect personally with our CPA team members on  the degree to how each selection has impacted the path they choose in life and where they are now, because of the charity, program or cause. Each fundraising effort that CPA CONNECT has completed carries a significant impact and large weight to at least one of our CPA’s. To see more on the weight of the world that our CPA’s choose to carry on their shoulders in in their hearts follow them socially on our team instagram page:


Our current selected community for fundraising efforts:


Our current charity selected for fundraising efforts:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary

Our current program selected for fundraising efforts:

Camp Adventure

 Find out more about Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary and Camp Adventure below.

Camp Adventure is located on 64 acres in the heart of Kananaskis Country & provides camping and outdoor experiences for children, youth and their families.

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